Computer Science and Engineering Summer Camps for Girls @ Penn State

Every summer Penn State’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department organizes and hosts week-long summer camps for girls in 7th through 9th grade. These summer camps aim to foster interest and build core competency in computer science and, of course, have fun! In 2021 and 2022 I had the pleasure of creating, organizing, volunteering, and/or speaking at these summer camps.

Design Your Own Reality (2022) - Invited Speaker

During this AR/VR based summer camp, we hosted a panel that I had the opportunity of speaking on. During this panel, we discussed how we can encourage more girls to study computer science and our advice for going to school and building a career in computer science.

Game Makers, Game Changers (2021) - Creator & Volunteer

This summer camp utilized Minecraft Education to teach campers how to program in Scratch. My absolute favorite part of this summer camp was when I got to guide the campers through creating a Scratch program that would make it rain chickens in Minecraft, they all had so much fun making it rain hundreds of chickens!

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Blaine Hoak
Blaine Hoak
Ph.D. Student in Computer Sciences